Everyday innovation

We are surrounded by innovations in our daily lives, many we take for granted. This week your task is to stop and look more closely for innovation in your home. Choose one home innovation which makes your life easier or better and post it on the Padlet wall below. Double click anywhere in a space on the wall to make a new post.


Hot off the satellite

Our Camp Wellington adventure concluded today with a visit to Capital E where we created our own television news show. All Room 4 pupils were assigned roles in the production of the show and learnt the skills to go from zero to show in just two hours. See for yourself in the YouTube clip below.


Art and Democracy

Today we explored the worlds of art and democracy, beginning with a visit to Seung Yul Oh’s Moamoa exhibition at Wellington’s City Gallery. The theme of this work is expansion and it provoked some wonderful discussion and thinking about art and the meanings attached. We were then lucky enough to have a go at producing our own art in the style of Seung Yul Oh, under the expert guidance of Claire from the City Gallery. Inspired and provoked we then had lunch by the waterfront before our tour of the Beehive. Our timing for the tour was impeccable, as MP for Napier, Chris Tremain, took time out from his last day in parliament to speak with us. We then headed to the debating chamber to watch our MPs in action, which was very enlightening. It was a real privilege to see democracy in action and we would like to thank Ben, our tour guide, for making our visit fantastic. We finished off the day with a quick visit to Te Papa.

Art Democracy



Day 1 of Camp Wellington has been fantastic! We had a smooth trip down to Wellington and arrived on time to have lunch at Frank Kitts Park on Wellington’s waterfront before each class went to their individual activities. Room 4 headed to the national library for our workshop on Innovation, our inquiry focus for this term.  We discovered a great deal about the work of the National Library, ably guided by Laura and Elton.  We were also lucky enough to try some exciting hands on activities, learn the difference between invention and innovation and have a go at some innovating of our own as we tried our hand at building a working flag pole from the materials supplied.

Tomorrow morning we are off to a fantastic Wellington art gallery before we head to the Beehive in the afternoon for a tour of our nation’s parliament.

Check out the slide show below for a quick taste of what we have been up to.

Room 4 National Library