Forced Perspective

As part of our investigation of digital art we had a go at taking forced perspective photographs. This is the same technique used in many movies, particularly ones that need some characters to look like giants compared to others. Enjoy our work.







DigiAwards winning movies

We make great entertainment at Arthur Miller School. Proof of this is our 1st AND 2nd place in the Year 5-6 Short Movie section of the Napier Primary School’s Digiawards. First place went to ‘Pokemon Gone’, created by Finn, Lukah, Andy and Tom from Rooms 10 and 12. Second place went to ‘What’s in the box?’, created by Georgina and Olivia from Room 11. To view either of these masterpieces click on the links below.

DigiAwards winners

Arthur Miller School is very proud to celebrate our success at the recent Napier primary school’s Digiawards. The first place in the Year 5-6 section for animation went to Cops and Robbers: The final chase, which was created by Vaughan and Noah from Room 11. Click on the link below to view their award-winning work.

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