Here we go!

Welcome to term 3.  We are underway and excited about an action packed and inspiring term ahead.  Get all the information you need on what we have planned in our term newsletter.  Click on the link below to view or download a copy of the newsletter.

Term 3 Newsletter


Soccer Skills

On Tuesday the 1st of july we played soccer with the Napier city rovers coaches for the last time, as part of our soccer skills training with them. We played small games where we had to combine all the skills we had learned. The winning team was Germany of course.






It’s a celebration

Team 3 celebrate their hard work and successes this term with a special assembly on Wednesday the 25th of June from 2 pm in the school hall.  We would love to see as many parents there as possible.  Join us for the Term 2 Team 3 celebration next Wednesday.


Unison Power People

On Friday the 13th of June two people from unison, Bob and Anna, came to teach us to be safe around electricity. First we talked about power line safety and not bouncing on power boxes. Then we were told if we saw a broken or open power boxes that we had to stay away tell other people to stay away and call 0800 2 UNISON. I learnt heaps.




Celebrating success

Today Jessica got awarded a certificate for excellent persuasive writing. Gus and Sage  also got  certificates, theirs were for reading. Well done Sage, Gus and Jessica.




The greatest show on Earth

The biggest and most exciting sports event in the world kicks off this Friday morning. The FIFA World Cup 2014 promises action, excitement, astonishing skills, breathtaking goals and the greatest players on the planet. We will be following the tournament with interest as we hold our own mini World Cup tournament on Monday and Tuesday lunch times. To get you in the mood for fantastic football view the video below.


Senior Technology Challenge

20140529-113603.jpg 20140529-113610.jpg 20140529-113618.jpg 20140529-113628.jpg 20140529-113637.jpg 20140529-113648.jpg

The Year 5 and 6 students put their teamwork and ideas to the test attempting to build a bridge using only newspaper and masking tape. As groups of four they worked to a set time limit with the goal of holding a set weight.