New Inquiry

This term our inquiry is called S.O.L.E. This stands for self organised learning environment. With SOLE our teacher gives us a question, and in a group, we have to collaborate to find the answer. When you find the answer you have to explain how you got your answer and put some of the question in the answer.

This is our poster for term 4.









Written by Alex R



This term A.M.S students have started training for athletics. The different events that we do in athletics are; high jump, long jump, long distance, sprints, throwing and batten relays. We practice every Tuesday afternoon. Last Tuesday we did high jump, long distance and throwing.



As part of our Math probability learning we are looking at games of chance and how understanding probability and odds can give us a better chance of winning.  This week we are playing the dice game Yahtzee.  Click on the image below to try an online version of the game.