Survival Swimming

Yesterday Room 4 students travelled to Greendale pool to learn some vital water survival skills.  Instructed by expert coaches they were taught how to use common objects as flotation devices, treading water and how to stay afloat for extended periods.


Swim and Survive


Hour of Code

Computing is now an integral part of everyone’s life and learning how to code is becoming increasingly important, no matter your age.  The Hour of Code is a great introduction to this valuable and fun skill.  Click on the link below to begin your coding journey.



Swimming begins

Class swimming begins this week at AMS.  For Room 4 that means our first swimming  day will be on Monday the 8th December, weather permitting.  Bring your togs, towel and goggles and be ready to show off your aquatic skills.


2D & 3D

We are exploring 2D and 3D shapes in Maths. Get some practice at transforming shapes between 3D and their nets by using the activity below.


Athletics winners

It was Athletics day.
Pretty much the whole day we did Athletics.
I thought the day was very fun, and at the end of the day we did relay, and our team room 4 won!
After we won, it was time to choose the winners.
The winner for the 10 year old girls is, Hannah Findlay!
Everyone clapped and cheered Hannah, Hannah, Hannah!


Harold the giraffe!

On Monday and Thursday Harold the giraffe came to our school! We learnt about the brain and what it does. here are some facts I learnt: The brain can send messages to your body at 200km to 500km per hour! The brain is more important than the heart! If you don’t have enough sleep, water or food your whole body won’t work properly! By Kate!


Our sole inquiry

For our inquiry we are doing sole. Sole stands for Self Organised Learning Environment. Last time my group was Nicole and I our question was “how do owls turn their heads all the way around” Our answer was they can not turn their heads all the way round they can only turn it 270 degrees. By Jessica!



Yesterday Teams 2 and 3 held their annual athletics sports day. Lots of fantastic running, jumping and throwing took place as well as impressive displays of sportsmanship. A great day for everyone!




Room four have started to use google. We use google drive to save our google docs and presentations. Any time we have internet we can use our google accounts.

By Kate