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Art Deco day at AMS

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Camp Kaitawa

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Swimming Instruction

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Step by step

Today Room 11 and the rest of the senior syndicate took on the daunting Sugarloaf ascent, from the Church Road face. This grand walk was a 10 kilometre loop from the gates of AMS to the summit of Sugarloaf and back and was undertaken as part of our Camp Kaitawa training. Leaving school just after 9am we had rest stops near Pettigrew Green Arena and then the Taradale skate park before tackling the last leg and Sugarloaf itself. It is with pride I can report that every member of the expedition managed to attain the summit, complete a safe descent and then return to the welcoming air-conditioned comfort of our classrooms. Well done AMS seniors, a great effort. Now, onwards to Kaitawa.


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Collaboration is…

The last of our school values we are thinking about is Collaboration. How does this sound and look like in our class?

Collaboration 2015

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What does curiosity sound like and look like in Room 11? Look at the Linoit wall below and find out.

Curiosity 2015

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Caring is…

To start at year in Room 11 we are reminding ourselves of our core school values and what they mean to us. Look at the Linoit wall below, by clicking on the smaller image, to see what the students of Room 11 think caring looks, sounds and feels like at AMS.


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Give it your best shot.

Being successful is not always about winning, but it is always about giving your all and trying new experiences. We plan to experience as much as we can in Room 11, so with that in mind we need a theme tune. One Republic have a song that fits perfectly, ‘I lived’. We will learn the lyrics and sing our theme with gusto. Click on the clip below and start learning how to say ‘I lived!’

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Welcome to 2015

It’s time for another exciting year of learning, fun and discovery and there is so much to look forward to throughout what promises to be an epic year in Room 11. Some of the highlights this year will include; Camp Kaitawa, the centenary commemorations of the ANZAC’s Gallipoli campaign and the 2015 Rugby World Cup. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Summer break and are well rested and ready to get to work as part of the exciting Room 11 learning community.

I look forward to seeing all your cheerful smiles on Monday  the 2nd of February.  In the meantime here are some photos of what I did during my holiday.


Summer Holidays

Mr Maloney

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Survival Swimming

Yesterday Room 4 students travelled to Greendale pool to learn some vital water survival skills.  Instructed by expert coaches they were taught how to use common objects as flotation devices, treading water and how to stay afloat for extended periods.


Swim and Survive

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